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Thanks for all the birthday messages everyone! :D
Hey all! Been a bit behind on pictures and such due to massive real life workload! Hopefully will start uploading some new pics soon!
Complete pokedex mission! by LadyNanaki
Complete pokedex mission!
150 hours later and i have managed to obtain one of EVERY pokemon in my PC! (excluding Diance)

There was a hell of a lot of evolving, breeding and training going on to achieve this in my spare time and i'm proud to have finally completed it!

Call me sad if you like but it kept me entertained for a long time :)


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United Kingdom
Lady_Nanaki here and this is my new page which i'm going to fill up will all my anime work, cosplay and commissions.

If you'd like a commission, please contact me and we will discuss it.

Sculptures are made with Sculpey clay and take a good couple of days to make.

As I am just starting out with these, I am offering them at a low price of 60, which pays for the materials, labour costs and postage (unless posting costs a lot then i may ask for a little more sorry)

Details i will need:
A reference pic (or two)
Any props/environment

Please understand that I may have a waiting list, but I will contact you and let you know.


Pokemon party pic
Pokemon Team comm for GrassDragon193 by LadyNanaki
Love me. Love my Pokemon by LadyNanaki
Gina pokemon squad by LadyNanaki
A picture of your pokemon OC with your favourite team of pokemon.

I will need:
Details of your OC (clothing, hair style, features etc)
The pokemon and their poses.
Positioning of all characters
Detailed pony pic
Attack on Titan Lucky Strike by LadyNanaki
Attack on Titan Red Bolt by LadyNanaki
Princess of the moon by LadyNanaki
I will require details of the type of picture you would like including the following:
Pony details (mane, tail, colours, poses, props, feaures etc)
Background detailing, such as in a forest or in a building.
Surrounding detail (tables, pictures, objects)

Please try to give as much detail as possible when requesting.
Ponysona/OC pic
WileyMonty by LadyNanaki
Epic brohoof by LadyNanaki
Commission for Atsu91 by LadyNanaki
A simple design of your ponysona in any pose with a simple background. 
Information I will require:
Type (unicorn, pegasus, earth)
Mane and tail style & colour
Body colour
Cutie Mark
Colour of background
Any other features/props

BUCK con 2014. An awesome experience!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 2:23 AM
  • Mood: Triumph
This weekend, I attended BUCK con in Manchester as a voice actor guest and had the time of my life!

The saturday was a super early start with myself, xthedarkone, Masako-kun and Phyllida arriving at the venue at 8am! But this was because i needed to get my stall set up ready to sell all my awesome prints and goodies! 
We didn't have any panels on the saturday, so it was mainly a hang out day and a chance to meet up with friends and have some fun! We did end up however being asked to host the cosplay masquerade at the last minute, which we didn't mind in the slightest!
All in all, saturday was a nice relaxed day.
Then came sunday!
We arrived later that day as there was no need to set up the stall and our first panel wasn't until 2pm. That went pretty well with a lot of people attending and a great deal of serious questions being asked. It was nice ^-^
The highlight of the con for me however was our Improv panel at 6. The room was completely packed with more and more walking in during. Basically, we played the scenario game from 'Who's line is it anyway?', using suggestions from the audience. It went down FANTASTICALLY! We had the whole room laughing and people were really getting involved! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!
It was an absolute pleasure finally managing to meet Micdamicrophone, Thelivingtombstone, Pipsqueak and James Corck, and awesome to hang out with old friends like AcousticBrony :D I love all you guys and cannot wait to see you all again!
Special thanks to jamescorck who drew an amazing picture of my OC Lucky Strike doing some voice acting, and keeping me company on the vendor table!
Also special thanks to all of the con staff who made us feel super welcome and ran such a fantastic con! 
And thank you to all who came and talked to me and asked for autographs and picture commissions! Some of the comments i recieved really brightened up my day!
In the end, i managed to sell £161 of goods from the vendor table, and considering it was my first time selling and i was on a table with some other incredible artists, i'd say that was a win!

Youtube page

Come and take a look at my Youtube channel. So far it's home to my Pony Mixes, but soon will be filled with my VA work and other bits.…


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